Monday, April 18, 2011


As a child, family time with part of our extended family was very important.  At Easter, my mother would boil a dozen eggs for each child that would be at our house that weekend and we would all color eggs together.  If you were old enough to hold an egg and dip it into a cup held by someone else, you got a dozen eggs.  She would cover the table with newspaper, put the coffee cups filled with color in the middle of the table, make sure we all had play clothes on with sleeves pushed up, clip a towel to the front of our clothes, and give us each a dozen of eggs to color. 

As kids we thought, we were master artists.  We would use light colored crayons draw our designs and dip our eggs.  Some would dip different ends in different colors to make multi-colored eggs. (One site I looked at today said to use stickers to block the dye.  Have never done that.)  My one cousin would dip his entire dozen in every color and would swear that he had the most beautiful eggs.  They were kind of a black purplish icky color.  But we all laughed, spilled things, and colored our eggs again.  We made great memories and great messes. 

At school we would take string and balloons and make egg shaped covered string baskets.  Maybe we didn't learn things while making those that are on the state objectives, but we did learn to share, listen to others, work together, to admire others work, and to dream.  Those are life objectives.

My mother didn't buy the colored tablets to make our dye. We used too much dye for that!   Instead, I remember her most often using food coloring, vinegar, and water.  She may have used other things and I was just too excited about getting my dozen of eggs to pay attention. 

I found a website today for coloring Easter Eggs Naturally.  (It reminds me of the times I have boiled red cabbage for science experiments in my classroom.)  The eggs she has displayed are eye-catching.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

I wonder if our students are learning those life lessons in our schools today.  Those things should be on the mandated testing for life.  With the climate that teachers are having to work under today, I doubt if any future generations will have the opportunity to learn those life objectives at school.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, Passover, Easter, or any other holiday, I hope it is one that brings you peace and good memories.

Coloring Eggs Naturally


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