Thursday, April 14, 2011

Measurement Bingo: Reading a Ruler in Inches

This bingo game gives students practice determining the measurement designated by the arrow pointing at the ruler.

There are 26 individual game boards included in this file along with calling cards. Each board is labeled with a letter in the upper left corner. An answer key telling the measurement in each location on each individual board is included.

Measurements include whole inches, halves, fourths, eighths, and sixteenths.

This is a great whole class activity or small group activity.

If you like to have fun while practicing reading a ruler, this is a great activity to use in your classroom.

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Vintage Teacher

Measurement Bingo: Reading a Ruler in Inches



I bought your measurement bingo and love it! My kids love playing any kind of bingo and measurement is a weakness. Thanks!

Vintage Teacher

Thanks Katie! I am glad they enjoyed it. It gives a lot of measurement practice. My kids love playing games, too.


If you remember the ruler you know there are two sides to it; one is the metric and the other is the inch. Most of the countries around the world use the metric form of measurement and though ironically the inch is the English system of measurement; it is made use of only in the USA.
how to read a ruler

Vintage Teacher

Thanks Vance for the comment. My students are tested on the customary ruler in Math on our state mandated test. The Science test is metric. I am in the process of making a metric set of bingo cards and coordinate grid dominoes.

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I have no idea how to order this...

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