Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother's Day Writing Packet

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate those that influence our lives no matter what age.  This 34-page pdf  is filled with pages to print that will allow each student to write to the "mother" figure in their life.  The pages have students writing telling about the first memory they have with their "mom",  their favorite memory they made together, and an acrostic poem outline for them to make about this person.

Many children do not have mothers taking part in their life due to death, divorce, being in foster care, or are being raised by a step parent or a grandparent.  They often feel a sense of betrayal if they acknowledge this person on Mother's Day.  Therefore, they feel uncomfortable in completing things for the traditional idea of Mother's Day.  For this reason,  this packet includes the same activities but with different headings.  There is one set for Mom, one set for Grandma, and one set labeled Happy Mother's Day for Someone Special to Me.

There are 5 different pages for My Earliest Memory in each section.  Each of the pages has a different picture.  They all have a mom. but the children are different.  There are different ethnic groups, genders, and even a set of twins, so this writing activity can be made personalized to match the student. 

There are 6 coupons with ideas that students can include if you make a booklet for a present and one blank coupon that can be made if a student wants to "gift" a different thing.

Included in the download:
6 different cover pages
3 Acrostic poem outlines (Mother, Grandmother, Special)
15 Different Earliest Memory Pages
3 My Favorite Memory Pages
7 Pages of Coupons (6 with items-1blank)

This is a great activity for a writing project or in a writing center.

Thanks for looking.

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