Thursday, September 29, 2011

Five Friday Freebies - Week 18

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Now to the good stuff. This week's freebies are:

Freebie #1 -   Dinosaur Themed Homework Packet by Kindergarten Kiosk

Freebie #2 - Farmhouse Fact or Opinion Freebie by A Series of 3rd Grade Events

Freebie #3 -  Ghostly Fact Families by Caitlyn Taylor
Freebie #4 -   Black Cat Box Art Craft Activity by From the Pond

Freebie #5 -   Shape Poems (song) by Skipper's Jungle

TFreebie Fridays


The Smithsonian is a place that as educators many of us wish that our students could explore and have new worlds opened to them.

All though that may not be physically possible for many of us, but it is available virtually for all of us.

How about taking a trip to the Smithsonian with Meet Me At Midnight or maybe exploring the Mammal Family Reunion is better, or how about a trip to the National Zoo via live web cams?

All of these options and more are available at the Smithsonian on line.

Explore and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Story Starters

Are you or your students looking for a new idea to write about?

Would you like to have a simple, fun way for students to come up with an idea?

Scholastic may have the tool for you to use with a fun-filled interactive virtual selection tool.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Your Blog Award Received

I would like to thank Maria from Charmed in Third Grade blog for this wonderful award.  She has brightened my week!  Thank you so much for extending this to me.

Here is the story of this honor.

I Heart Your Blog  Award: dear friend of mine taught me a profound lesson several years ago when she shared her personal mantra, "There Is Only Love". Since then, I have realized that by adopting this mantra in my own life, I have changed my whole approach to everything I experience. That being said, as a total newbie to the teacher's blogging world, I discovered this gold mine of amazingly creative and talented teachers out here in cyber space. There are so many of you spreading the teaching Love around the globe by sharing your ideas and experiences. I just had to create a blog award to celebrate those of you who have touched my heart and inspired me, increasing my LOVE of teaching.   

Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! 

When you are awarded the I Heart Your Blog Award you are asked to do the following things:

1. Give the "I Heart Your Blog "Award to your favorite Top 10 Blogs that have touched your heart and inspired your teaching by listing them on your blog.
2. Contact that person and let them know of their heartfelt award.
3. When you receive the award, copy and paste the graphic on you blog and give a shout out to the person who nominated you.
4. Spread the LOVE by passing the "Heart Your Blog" Award on your Top 10.

I would like to give my I Heart Your Blog Award to the following awesome blogs!

Runde's Room

Visit Sunny Days


First Grade Brain

Lutton 519

Teaching with TLC

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writer's Workshop With First Grade Friends

Jodi from First Grade Friends has graciously agreed to be a guest blogger at Vintage Teacher!  Thanks Jodi.  If you are not a follower of her blog, you might want to be!

Writer's Workshop in First Grade

This is Jodi from First Grade Friends!  

My PhotoIn my first grade community, Writer's Workshop is a big deal!  I have been working with my kids since the first day on Writer's Workshop procedures, and it is almost time for parent teacher conferences and the end of my first quarter.  My school is year round, so my firsties have been working hard since July.  

In reading we are working on characters, setting, problem/conflict, and solution.  Since reading and writing go hand in hand, I created this template for my first graders to publish a piece of writing using all the skills they have learned this quarter.  

The first page is a brainstorm template to write or draw anything they are thinking they might want in their story.  We have read many picture books, so I pull out some favorites (anything Mo Willems, for example) for reference and to spark ideas.  

After this, each day is devoted to creating a different page in the story line.  We spend a day on each page to make sure that each part of the story is created with care.  After each page is created, we put the book together!  

We have a "publishing party" then where each first grader puts their story on their desk, and the children (and myself) walk around the classroom to read each others' stories.  They can leave comments or a smiley face with their name on a piece of paper next to the child's published story.  

This is a great way to end the quarter, and I am sure other first grade communities are doing this as well!  Enjoy the template and I hope it helps to create some wonderful first grade pieces of writing.  Template for published piece.

First Grade Friends

Thank You For the Recognition

I want to thank First Grade Brain for awarding Vintage Teacher the Versatile Blog Award.  It is always a special honor when someone recognizes you.

Be sure to visit First Grade Brain!  {But don't forget to return to Vintage Teacher!}

First Grade Brain

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five Friday Freebies - Week 17

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Now to the good stuff. This week's freebies are:

Freebie #3 - Flower Clock by Dizzy for Kindergarten
Freebie #4 -  Halloween Fruit Snack Fun by Lory Evans

Freebie #5 -  Instant Math Cowly Races Through the Missing Hundreds Chart by Ms.Lies

TFreebie Fridays

National Punctuation Day

September 24 (which is Saturday)  is National Punctuation Day!  (I didn't know that until I read a post at TBA and followed the link to the Organized Classroom Blog.

I loved this:  Let's eat Grandpa.
                    Let's eat, Grandpa.

If you are Grandpa, punctuation is extremely important!

I am going to try to celebrate it on Monday, since it is on Saturday.

What are you going to do to celebrate National Punctuation Day?  Please share your ideas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Day

Let me start by saying I am tired and I have fallen behind in posting. Monday was my first day at school.  Yes, Monday.

It was my first day, not my student's first day.  It was the first day I met my students, saw my room, learned what I was supposed to be teaching, etc.  

I have been off on medical leave since February due to an incident that happened at school.  

I have been assigned to teach fourth grade.  We "departmentalize" our students for Reading and Math.  The majority of my students are at least   2-3 years behind academically.

Since I have never been in the situation of starting the year after my students and they have had a really nice sub for the first of the year, it has been a struggle.  I have never made so many phone calls home regarding behaviors in the first two days in all the years I taught.   

I welcome any suggestions, for I fear it will get worse before it gets better. Hopefully I am wrong. :0)  

Off to try to develop some lessons, it is 3:21 AM and I have to head to school for another day in less than 3 hours.  

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Resource E-books from Scholastic

Scholastic is having a fantastic E-Book sale.  It ends on Tuesday, September 9, so don't delay.  The  E-books are on sale for $1.00 each.  No, that is not a typo.  They are only ONE DOLLAR!  They have 849 different books on many different levels.

It even gets better than that.  You can get ten for free with the coupon code of 10Thanks 

Your purchase is available immediately after checking out.  They are pdf. files.

I ended up getting more than ten, but if you only get ten it won't cost you anything.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and don't forget to use the coupon code to save.  (The site is very busy so it is slow.)

Dollar Deals

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 19--International Talk Like a Pirate Day

In case you are unaware of it, Monday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

If you would like to learn more about this holiday and see the google map showing part of the participants for this years "holiday", visit Talk Like A Pirate.

If you need some pirate jokes to share, I have also posted a list for you.

In honor of the "holiday", I am putting the 'pirate items' in my Teachers Notebook Shop and Teachers Pay Teachers Store on sale.  The sale will run on Sunday and Monday.   (September 18-19.)

On a personal note, the art teacher in the room next to me loved this holiday.  It was his favorite and he looked forward to it every year.  After losing his battle with cancer, the next year the students who knew him all celebrated this holiday at school in his memory.

Pirate Jokes for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Here are some 'Pirate Jokes' for you to share on International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Q. How much does it cost a pirate to get earrings?
A. A Buccaneer! 

Q. What is a pirates favorite kind of cookie? 
A. Ships Ahoy! 

Q. What do pirates like to eat? 
A. BARRRRbecue! 

Q. Why are pirates so mean? 
A. I don't know, they just ARRRRe! 

Q. How much did the pirate pay for his peg leg and hook? 
A. An arm and a leg! 

Q. Why didn't the pirate get hungry on the desert island? 
A. Because of all the sand which is there! 

Q. Why do pirates carry a bar of soap? 
A. So, if they are shipwrecked they can wash themselves to shore! 

Q. What do you get when you cross a pie and a rat? 
A. A Pie Rat! 

Q. Why did the pirate's phone go beep, beep, beep? 
A. Because he left it off the hook! 

Q. What's a pirates favorite color? 
A. Depends on the pirate! 

Q:  Why does it take pirate's so long to learn the alphabet?
A:  Because they get stuck at "C"!

Q:  What is a pirate's girlfriend called?
A:  Peggy

Q:  Why couldn't the pirate play cards?
A:  He was setting on the deck.

Knock knock!  Who's there?  Turner.  Turner who?  Turner round there is a pirate behind you.

Q:  What hook can't you hang your clothes on?
A:  Captain Hook!

Q:  What is a pirate's favorite kind of music?
A:  Arrr and B!

Q:  What do you call a pirate with two arms and two legs?
A;  A rookie!

Q:  Why was the pirate drafted first into the NBA?
A:  He had an awesome hook shot!

Pirate Jokes are from Olive and Party Ideas

If that is not enough pirate jokes here is a site that has more.  :0)  More Pirate Jokes

Surprise for Me From Teachers Notebook

Today when I opened my Teachers Notebook member newsletter, I received a huge surprise.

They chose my shop, Vintage Teacher, to be the featured shop!  I am shocked and thrilled.

If you would like to read the newsletter and see what the featured and free items are, click on the picture below!

Thank you Debbie and Steve at Teachers Notebook for all you do to help teachers.

TBA Today

Have you heard about the new radio show called TBA Today?

I am so excited about this.

More details will be out next week.

What would you like TBA Today to be like?  Please share your thoughts!   This is so exciting.  :0)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five Friday Freebies - Week 16

PLEASE leave feedback for these authors so they know that you appreciate them sharing their freebies.  With the launch of the new web design it is more important than ever to leave ratings.  This week's freebies are from Teacher Notebook authors.  

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Now to the good stuff. This week's freebies are:

Freebie #1 -   Roll the Dice by Little Miss Kindergarten (Halloween)

Freebie #2 - Popsicle Stick Shapes by Froggy Friends Fun

Freebie #3 -  Monster Squeeze Number Game by Over The Moonbow
Freebie #4 - Math Tricks Task Cards by Frogs and Cupcakes

Freebie #5 -  The Power of Color in Teaching by Teaching With TLC

TFreebie Fridays

Students Drawing and Writing

Teachers Pay Teachers
Cindy (Kinder Kay)

Cindy at Kinder Kay has agreed to be a guest author today at Vintage Teacher.  (She has allowed me to share her freebie products as well on past Five Friday Freebies.)  I am amazed at the talent she shares with her students and the way she brings drawing and writing together.

Student Drawing and Writing
                            by Cindy (Kinder Kay)

I am so flattered that I have been asked to be an author on Vintage Teacher! I have been an elementary  (second grade and presently, kindergarten) teacher for 23 years (can’t believe it!) and through those years, I have grown into the teacher I am today because of all the advice I have received from some really awesome teachers! So I am glad to be able to share, in a small way, a classroom-tested idea that I have used with my students that has involved into something that brings pride to both my students and me!

I love to teach children to draw and write! Helping children to visualize shapes within everyday objects is such a joy! Even my kinders can make some really cool pictures once they start to realize that all they have to do is draw shapes! I start with teacher-directed lessons and then once they get the hang of how it is done, I let them go and usually what my students come up with is SO MUCH better than what I could do! I am NOT an artist! I struggled with drawing and painting all through school – just like most of us! But once I started observing the world through different eyes, I realized that just knowing a few basic shapes or strokes can help us to create almost anything!

In the “old days”, I introduced my lessons with an overhead projector and I would put pictures of everyday objects on the screen and allow my students to take the pen and circle the shapes that they saw in the picture. Now I have a Promethean board and we can have all sorts of fun searching for shapes on the “big” board! Another fun way to search for everyday shapes is to simply attach paper to a clipboard, walk outside, and start sketching! It is so amazing to see what children can see! Their observation skills are so much more attuned to visual cues than mine and they have taught ME to see shapes I didn’t realize were there!

For awhile, I was simply teaching my students to draw, but I soon realized that they were so excited to see what they could create, that I thought “Why not have them write about their creation, too?” So from the beginning lesson, I ask my students to add some words to their picture. Even if is only the beginning sound of the word prefaced with a high frequency word such as “the or a”; it is the start of their writing journey. The drawing/cutting techniques that I use with my students help them with their handwriting, too! Once they can take control of their pencil or scissors to create a picture, they have more confidence in their ability to write a letter, a word, or even a sentence. The end of the school year astounds me by what they can do!

If you are interested in trying some of my ideas, I have a product in my TPT store that gives children step-by-step directions for drawing or cutting simple everyday animals. 
 Teachers Pay Teachers
Above are some examples of a finished product as well as an example of a step-by-step illustration of how easy it is to create! Do you see the ovals? The circles? The arrows? The hills?

Anyone can do this – teacher or student! All it takes is a pencil, some paper, and a desire!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Most Honorable Profession': Teacher

  • Only 10% of 7,000 teacher applicants to primary school applicants to primary school programs are accepted in Finland
  • Finland tops international tests rankings, but doesn't use standardized tests domestically
  • "It is a patriotic, national calling to be a teacher," said one Finnish teacher
  • "In Finland, it is a tremendous honor to be a teacher, and teachers are afforded a status comparable to what doctors, lawyers and other highly regarded professionals enjoy in the U.S.,' said one teacher.
  • In addition, like other professions, teachers gain seniority and tenure primarily on the basis of teaching and experience, and teacher unions have a strong voice in shaping education policy--all very controversial in the United States.

Finland's 'most honorable profession':  Teacher is an article at CNN.  I encourage you to read it and come back and share your thoughts.  Also, if there are any teachers from West Virginia I encourage you to leave your comments on your take, good or bad.  Please read the article and share your thoughts.  If you have a post that ties in, please leave a link in the comments.

The Versatile Blogger Award

First let me thank Karla at Life in Special Education Blog and Anne at The Candy Apple blog for nominating me for this honor.  I appreciate it immensely and ask that you visit these blogs to discover the wonderful things that they share.

After accepting this honor there are some things you are requested to do.
1.  Thank the person (people) who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
2.  Share 7 things about you.
3.  Pass this award along to 15 other blogs that you have discovered.

Seven things you may or may not know about me:

1.  I love to read when I can find my glasses. lol  I read a lot of young adult books so I can recommend books to my students.  I also love to read Terri Blackstock books.

2.  I grew up on a farm.

3.  The majority of my teaching experience has been in sixth grade. (The first year I was put in sixth grade was because the district couldn't find anyone else who would take the job and it was only a week before school started!  They could find someone to take my job in fifth, but they wouldn't take the sixth grade position.)

4.  I have taught in rural districts and in a large urban district.

5.  The smallest class I ever taught was 21 students.  The largest class I ever taught was 42 students in fifth grade.  Desks had to be put in the closet and every time we got in line it had to be one row at a time and the desks moved sideways so everyone could walk to the front.

6.  I have been the recipient of two grants: a Sprint Achievement Grant and An Excellence in Education Grant.

7.  When I bought my first computer, I had never worked on one.  I thought it was something I should learn and I had to call someone to ask how to turn it on!  I have learned through trial and error, lots of error.

Now I am supposed to recognize 15 blogs I have discovered.  (Honestly, I try to read the latest posts on as many blogs as I can each day and find at least one new blog a day.  Here is my list of some new and old  vintage blog friends.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Out Tuesday -Jokes to Share

In honor of the first Time Out Tuesday, I thought I would share some thought provoking jokes you could share with your class when you all need a "time out".  

I have been collecting these to share with my students.  I find that sometimes we need to just need to stop, giggle, take a deep breath, and start over again.

What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand!

Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?
In case he got a-hole-in-one!

Why did the cop go to the baseball game?
He heard someone stole second base!

Why did John walk backwards to school?
It was back-to-school day!

Why was the teacher cross-eyed?
Because she could not control her pupils!

What do you call a gorilla with a banana in each ear?
Whatever you want--he can't hear you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

MO Teachers This One Is For You!

I was just thinking about what to share today, when I received this email. This is for Math teachers of ALL grade levels. 

Greetings from the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Our Annual Fall Conference, December 2-3, 2011 in Columbia, MO is right around the corner.

This year, MCTM would like to offer you a 10 for 10 Special:

The first 10 school districts (or group of districts registering together), who send at least 10 full paying teachers to the Fall Conference will receive a half-day workshop from MCTM.  The facilitator will be chosen based on the topic requested by your district (or group of districts).  Together, a mutually agreed time and appropriate number of participants for the workshop will be decided between the facilitator and school district.

For more information or to register, click on the link below:

Have more questions?  E-mail Ruth Knop, Northeast Director:

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in December! 

Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics MS6700
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
573-986-6811 (fax)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

O.R.E.O. Project 2011

You have to love anything that uses Oreo® cookies don't you?

In this case it means Our Really Exciting Online Project, but it does use the scrumptious cookies.

Classrooms are invited to participate.  Each classroom will need to have each student stack Oreo® cookies as high as he or she can and then average all their individual results to achieve a final class result.  I can foresee a lot of math in this project and maybe some "cookie faces" as well.

If you want to participate or learn more about the O.R.E.O. Project, don't delay.  The project begins on September 19.

(Be sure to read the Oreo® Trivia.)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Find

Today, the blog The Candy Apple, shared some wonderful quotes that were designed by a new-to-me blog called Technology Rocks. Seriously   Here is one of her sayings that I really like:

There are more quotes to download there as well.  Did I mention that she has these so you can download them for FREE!  Be sure to check both of these blogs out.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five Friday Freebies - Week 15

PLEASE leave feedback for these authors so they know that you appreciate them sharing their freebies.  With the launch of the new web design it is more important than ever to leave ratings.

(If you are not a TPT member, membership is FREE. Here is a link to register so you will be able to download. TPT registration  )

Now to the good stuff. This week's freebies are:

Freebie #1 -   List of Common Prepositions by Vintage Teacher

Freebie #2 -  Doggy, Doggy, What do you see?  by Isabelle Giguere

Freebie #3 -  Directing my Actions! by PJ Jots
Freebie #4 -  I Have..Who has..? Basic Sight Words 3 by Darcy Jones

Freebie #5 -  Paper Painting Art/Craft Fly Guy-Long I Activity by From the Pond

TFreebie Fridays

Have You Seen These Items From Vintage Teacher?

Have you seen these items from Vintage Teacher?

My students can usually get the correct symbol written after they hear me say around a thousand times, the big end of the symbol is always on the side with the big number, but for the life of me they can't read it.  This set requires them to draw the symbol when working the worksheet, but they have to choose the correct words to play the game.  This is the first "Monsterly Good" game.

Synonyms and antonyms are a good way to expand our student's vocabulary.  Rocking Vocabulary is a Tic-Tac-Learn PowerPoint Game that adds the skill of logic and reasoning as well as developing vocabulary.  This game has questions asking students to select the synonyms as well as the antonyms for some words.  

This PowerPoint game requires the players to determine the correct unit of measure for the given item.  This is a great way to reinforce the difference in different metric units of measure.  All of the examples in this game deal with units of measure of length.  Every time this game is played is a new experience with the Tic-Tac-Learn game board and extra questions.

Sweet Plurals is an activity that requires students to write the plural form of a word given on a scoop of ice cream. Then the student cuts out the ice cream and glues it to the appropriate bowl that shows the correct rule for the word.

This activity is also included in Plural Set 1 along with the PowerPoint Plural Express.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents

Every parent should have to read the article by Ron Clark at CNN.

Thank you Lessons Learned Blog for sharing it.  The article is called What teachers really want to tell parents.  

After you read the article, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about it.

Please comment.  I would like to get everyone's point of view and experiences.  If you have a blog post about parent interactions, please post a link so we can read it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adorable Crow

Isn't this adorable? It would work if you were reading a book about crows or for Halloween and needed a craft to go with it.

Crafts by Amanda has the directions to making it, if anyone is interested.  Did I mention it was made with small bathroom cups?

I know many of my followers are working with primary students, so I had to share.
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