Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents

Every parent should have to read the article by Ron Clark at CNN.

Thank you Lessons Learned Blog for sharing it.  The article is called What teachers really want to tell parents.  

After you read the article, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about it.

Please comment.  I would like to get everyone's point of view and experiences.  If you have a blog post about parent interactions, please post a link so we can read it.


Mrs. Mac

I posted a comment on my blog! Great idea to host this informal linky party. It's tempting to print off the article and send it home, isn't it? :)


I love Ron Clark! I saw his story on TV, and it brought tears to my eyes. Yes, there are many, many parents like those you read about in this article, but there are also the kind that support you every step of the way. When I was going through cancer, the parents of my middle schoolers brought me a meal each Friday for the entire year! I was blessed as was my family. Let's don't generalize and group all parents together just as we shouldn't generalize and group all teachers.


Vintage Teacher

Hi Marie,

I am unable to read the link to facebook. It requires you to key in your password even when you are on Facebook. I do NOT key in my password into any link as it is a security issue to do so.

I encourage all of you to read Marie's first two links. They have a different point of view.

Vintage Teacher

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