Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Featured Item - Analogies in Science

Analogies are completed by using the relationship from one set of words to complete a second set of words using the same type of relationship. 

This game/activity will use relationships in Science to practice this skill. 

It gives the Language Arts teacher the opportunity to support Science and to show students that word relationships exist in the world outside the Language Arts room. 

Science teachers this gives you the chance to discuss relationships in the Science world and review Science topics with your class.  In addition, you are supporting your students with their understanding of this type of figurative language.

The game questions may be hard for some students, so I always allow my students to use resources to come up with their answer choice.  This way we are also working on reference materials!

Don't be alarmed if you are thinking, "I don't know enough Science" or  "Analogies, I haven't thought about those things in years."  This game will help you out. 

Correct answers are rewarded with applause, the rectangle turns green, and the umpire appears declaring the runner "safe".  If incorrect answers are chosen, the rectangle turns red and you will hear the swoosh of a strike.

This game will add fun to the review of Science relationships and analogies!

Why not take a swing at Analogies in Science!



I love the idea of using analogies. I think they are a great tool for vocabulary.


My students really struggle with analogies, so I try to use them in coordination with other disciplines than language arts. Yes, they do help build vocabulary, which the students coming to me traditionally struggle with.

Vintage Teacher

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