Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Friday Freebies--Week 5

Here are five freebies from five authors at Teachers Pay Teachers. PLEASE leave feedback for these authors so they know that you appreciate them sharing their freebies.

If you are not a TPT member, membership is FREE. Here is a link to register so you will be able to download. TPT registration 

Freebie #1 - Build A Bear Graph by BZ Teacher

Freebie #2 - Math Games-Jump Around: Skip Counting by Melissa McMurray

Freebie #3 - Sunny Synonyms Literacy Center by Anna Brantley

Freebie #4 - Teacher Newsletter Template by Mrs. Magee

Freebie #5 - Biology Lab:  Simple DNA Extraction by Science Stuff


Bigbird (Robin)

What a wonderful variety of materials! I am new to blogging and everyday I am amazed at the number of ideas, the creativity, and the sharing that takes place. Thanks to all of you who have shared and donated your ideas.

Smiling Teacher

Thanks for sharing! I'm amazed by the wonderful ideas I keep coming across out here in blogland. :)

Amy (aka Science Stuff)

I am so honored that you chose to use one of my free items today. I hope that many will find it useful!

Amy (aka ScienceStuff)

Vintage Teacher

Thank you Amy for allowing me to share your work. I hope everyone clicks on the link with your name and visits your blog. Science Stuff has a wealth of information on it.

Tanya Solano

Just came across your blog. Can't wait to look through and find some new friends and goodies!

Thanks!!! Happy Summer!


Thanks for featuring my "Build A Bear Graph" this week! What a great idea to share these freebies! There are so many creative teachers and tons of wonderful activities on your site and the TeachersPayTeachers site too! A wealth of resources right at our fingertips! Thanks again!
Terry Palmieri, BZTeacher

Mrs. Magee

Thanks so much for including my newsletter template! :)

Vintage Teacher

Thank you Mrs. Magee and BZ Teacher for allowing me to share. People have been going to the past Freebie page and have been downloading every day. It is my hope, people realize all the wonderful lessons that are available on Teachers Pay Teachers for free and for low prices.

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