Thursday, June 16, 2011

Staples Business Cards for FREE

The Blog Surviving a Teacher's Salary has posted a coupon from Staples that will give you 100 free instant black and white business cards or you can use the $19.99 towards a higher price instant card.  Orders must be picked up at a Staples store by 6/18 (Saturday) to apply the coupon. 

I was trying to think of something I could have printed on them in place of using them for business cards that I could use in my classroom.  Please post any ideas that you are willing to share in the comment section.  There is a Staples abput a mile from my house so I need two ideas.  One for Friday and one for Saturday.       : 0)

Here is a link Surviving a Teacher's Salary to get your coupon.


Miss T

If you have a reward system in your class, these could become the currency. Or they could be a homework free pass.


I use them for AR(weekly goals), as a sort of punch card, putting #'s instead of circles. Also as a behavior card for classes in lab, if as a class they get theirs punched they get in the prize box! I use vistaprint so much for these.

Mrs. Lochridge

You could create a card listing all of your contact information for parents, i.e., school phone number, extension, email, class website.

First Grade Factory

Linda Romana

Thanks for posting this! I like using them for money!

Miss W

You could have reading or problem solving strategies printed on them to use as bookmarks.


Great ideas ladies!

My first thought was to put my contact info on the cards, laminate them, place a strip of magnetic tape on the back, and give them to the parents at the beginning of the year. They can stick it to the refrigerator in case they need to contact me about homework or any other questions.

After reading the responses, I thought about something else: I make free homework passes and computer passes by copying them on paper, but once they are used we just recycle them. Making permanent passes that are laminated would help reduce the waste and prevent me from running to the copy machine to make more when I run out!


To go along with your homework passes and computer passes, you could do special things, such as lunch with the teacher, sit in the teacher's chair, sit by a friend, wear a hat to school, read with a friend, etc. I've seen teachers use a business card that says "Treasure Chest Reward" and has a line across it so that you get a whole box made like that and then can write various incentives to include in the treasure box so you don't have too many of just one kind.


I use tons of business cards too - all of them from Vistaprint. Once you order one thing from them, they send you a bazillion emails with free/almost free offers. I use them for quarterly AR Rewards w/ a starfish that say "You are an AR Star!" (they have a choice of a few rewards on the card, they have to highlight what they want and give it back to me to redeem), I have ones that say "You Deserve a Homework Vacation" with a cute beachy theme, I have ones with my class website address for parents to take at Meet & Greet (magnets too that were FREE!). I also have ones that say "I was off the chart!" for when a student makes it off the clip chart for great behavior. So many great uses for them :)


After I posted here, a another teacher friend and I were talking about Vistaprint, I ended up (forgive me lack of posts) blogging what I have used Vistaprint so far....

Mary Bauer

These are all great ideas. I'm glad I found your blog.

Vintage Teacher

Mary, I am glad you found it as well and hope you return and share often. :0)

Vintage Teacher

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I have enjoyed reading all your suggestions and the interaction in this post.

I ended up making a punch card for my timed multiplication tests. (I would have never even thought of that without your help!) I think the kids will be pleased.

I labeled the card Monster Multiplication and put a monster on it. Think I will redo my multiplication powerpoints in my TPT store.

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Plastic Business cards

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Thanks for posting this! Stunning design and really nice to see that it`s free....

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