Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You a Vintage Teacher?

This is the second post I posted on my blog and I had NO followers of any kind.  I wanted to share it again today as food for thought.  Vintage may or may not mean old.  :0)  Have a great day.

Being a "Vintage Teacher" is, in my opinion, something to be proud of and we all should strive to be. Look at the following meanings of vintage:
  • representing the high quality of a past time
  • old-fashioned
  • being the best of its kind

Being of a past time isn't a bad thing. Look at all the lessons that you have learned in the past from your students and/or when you were a student. I have learned many lessons in my past, some of which I hope not to repeat. :0)

I am old-fashioned. I admit to it. It is my belief that there has to be some amount of order and attention for my students to learn. (For the record, quiet and order are not synonyms. Additionally, learning and having fun are NOT antonyms.)

I especially like the being the best of its kind. Don't we all strive to be the best kind of teacher for our students?

Are you a "Vintage Teacher"? I hope I am!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

I think there are definitely things about me (as a teacher) that could be classified as "traditional"...and that isn't a bad thing =)
First Grade Blue SKies

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