Thursday, July 21, 2011

Five Friday Freebies - Week 8

PLEASE leave feedback for these authors so they know that you appreciate them sharing their freebies.

(If you are not a TPT member, membership is FREE. Here is a link to register so you will be able to download. TPT registration  )

Now to the good stuff. This week's freebies are:

Freebie #1 -  Lollipop Compound Words by Yvonne Dixon

Freebie #3 -  Short Vowel Word Game:  4 in a Row by Stacy Johnson 

Freebie #4 -  Color Shape Bingo Game-PreK to Kindergarten by Cheryl Norris

Freebie #5 -  Math Mania Week Math Review by Sunny Days


Kelly B aka Queen Bee!

I love your site! Thanks so much. For some reason, I only can see about 1/3 of your blog. Has anyone else mentioned this to you? It is probably me; not sure what to do though. Thanks!
I would love to find out if it is my settings.


Thanks! I've reposted on Facebook and I'm headed to repost it on my blog. :)


I'm with kelly up there. I can only see the left side of your blog. Not sure what happened.

Vintage Teacher

I have had a couple people look at it and they think it is a browswer issue. I don't know what browswer you are using. I can see it using IE9, Chrome, and Firefox. I am trying to find out why for sure. I have contacted Blogger in case it is one of their issues.

Vintage Teacher

I have been researching again and found someone who said an animated gif will sometimes mess up people viewing. I had one gif and took it out. Maybe this will fix the problem. Like I said, I can't see the problem, so this is a needle in the haystack.

Lauren Blackmon
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Blackmon

Hello! I love your post. I wrote you back on Teachers Notebook, but wasn't sure if you got it. I actually have two freebies on my blog right now. All you have to do is post about it and become a follower. They are only free until next Wednesday though. Check them out!


Help! I see your amazing stuff on my dashboard, but everytime I open your blog, I am unable to see anything except for the top part and this little side part. What, oh what am I doing wrong??? I love all your stuff/ideas:)


Thanks for sharing my Math Mania lesson!
p.s. I can see your blog fine ;)

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Lisa Rombach

Thanks for posting my Contractions Smart Board Lesson!
p.s. I can also see you blog just fine and it is well done! :-)

Vintage Teacher

Thank you Denise from Sunny Days and Lisa for allowing my readers to download your product. In fact, thank you to everyone who allowed me to share their product and to everyone who takes advantage of this opportunity.

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