Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DeLurking Challenge

Are you one of the secret visitors to Vintage Teacher and all the teaching blogs everywhere?  Do you quietly come in, read the posts, download the freebies, and never say anything?  Are you one of those lurkers?  If you are this challenge is for you!

I am challenging you to come out of the shadows, take off that invisibility cloak and de-lurk yourself!  :0)  No more lurking be an active participant in this wonderful world of blogging.

So here's the challenge:

For the next 7 days...Tuesday to are challenged to comment on every blog you read!  I agree that is a lot, especially if you like to read blogs, so lets say 5 or 10 blogs...or whatever number works for you. 

The idea is to share your wonderful thoughts, and to show appreciation to all the teacher bloggers out there.  With the beginning of school, it is a time for teachers to support each other and to have a little fun, too!

Are you up to the challenge?  Are you ready for fun!  Then take part in the great 2011 De-Lurking Challenge!



I just discovered this teacher blogging stuff last week! I guess I've been lurking so far.... THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR SHARING!!!!! My mind is spinning!

Jodi, Buffalo, NY

Vintage Teacher

Welcome Jodi,

I hope you visit and participate often. I am thrilled you visited my blog.


I am coming out of the shadows! I love reading your blog and all of the others I have found this summer. Lots of great ideas to use this school year! Thanks!!!


I'm comment on the majority of the blogs I read, but I think there are a lot of others lurking out there :)


I suppose I should start with yours right. Thanks so much for sharing. I have already implemented so much that i have learned from blogs. (I just found them this summer). Thanks.


Well I'm trying...not commenting on everyone, but definitely commenting on those I'm planning to use in my classroom. Or those who ask me too... :-)
Mrs. Hall's Fab Firsts

Vintage Teacher

Welcome to you all. I am so glad you decided to take the DeLurking Challenge.

I appreciate the comments you have made more than you know and hope you continue to visit and share.

I love comments!

Danielle've caught me! I just discovered the Teacher Blog world and have been cruising the blogs looking at all the great ideas! Thank you to all the teachers who are so willing and generous to share their amazing ideas! :)


Have you been spying on me? I am a certified blog stalking addict ;o) I don't have a blog and don't know if I ever will, but I love you all out there for your creativity and generosity.
Thank you.

Vintage Teacher

Danielle and Wintaka I am glad that you both have unbuttoned your invisibility cloak and have joined in the conversation. :0)

I hope you both continue to visit here and take off that cloak and share your thoughts. I love hearing from my visitors and hope to continue learning from my blogging friends.

Everyone who comments becomes an active member in the blogging community even if you don't have a blog.

Thanks for joining in the conversation. I hope you continue to join in. Put that cloak in the closet and enjoy the fun. ;0)

Class Full of Speical Kinders

I am fairly new to the blog world as well but I am so glad I found it. I am amazed at all the wonderful resources that so many are so willing to share. It is awesome and I LOVE this blogging stuff... No more lurking, stalking or looky looing. I have come out of the lurking closet!


Vintage Teacher

Glad to have you Jeannie! Hope you visit and share often!


OK, I guess I am a lurker!! I post once in a while but not regularly! Reason: I just don't seem to have enough time. That's no excuse! Thank you ALL bloggers for sharing your wonderful creations and resources!!

Vintage Teacher

Barbara I am glad you took the time today and hope you continue to visit and share your thoughts when it is possible.


I am a lurker. I am so impressed with the quality of all the blogs and classrooms I read about.

Vintage Teacher

Tammy thanks for stopping by and for take part in the DeLurking Challenge. I love to read and learn from my visitors.

You are always welcome and I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas regularly.

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