Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Teacher Tech Tip

Ever need a special character like , but you can't remember the key combination to create it?  Did you ever want to put in a symbol and you couldn't remember how?  Would you like to use a  in your writing and not have to put it in as a picture and have to get it in the just right spot?  Or maybe put a by the spot your students need to write their answer or their name?

Here is a neat website, shared by Tammy Worcester's Tech Tip of the Week, that will allow you to do those things easily!  I just  how easy it is to use.  All you do is click on the image, then go to your page and paste it.  It is so simple.


  1. 2.Click the desired character.
    (This will automatically copy it to your computer’s clipboard.)
    Note - Do not right-click or control-click. Just a regular mouse-click will copy it.

  2. 3.Go to wherever you want to paste the character.
    This could be a Word document, a Google doc, an email message, a blog post, or even a Tweet. You can paste the character anywhere.  

  3. 4.Paste.  Holding down the control key and typing the letter V will paste the last thing you copied to your clipboard into your document or PowerPoint and is fast.

  4. 5.That’s it!

    ☞Think of all the time that can be saved!





Love it!! Thanks for sharing!


Love it!! ✿ (Look I did it!!)

Grade ONEderful

That's VERY cool. I ♥it! Thank you.

Grade ONEderful


Thats awesome! Thank you. I've been trying to figure out how to type long and short vowel sounds... Like an a with a line over it or a little scoop for the short sound. Does anyone know how to do that?

Vintage Teacher

I am glad you all are enjoying it. I thought it was so easy to use.

I found the short and long vowel sounds in the symbol package in Latin Extended A on my computer. I have Windows 7 so I don't know if it is in the earlier version or not to be honest. Go in like you are going to add a symbol and they are there. They have what I would use for both the upper and lower case. Following is an example of what they look like. I copied and pasted some here.

ā ă Ă ē ĕ Ĕ Ī ī Ĭ ĭ Ō ō Ŏ ŏ Ū ū Ŭ ŭ

Hope this helps. Thank you all for visiting and I love the comments.

Amber Unger

☞ This is so neat! ☜

Thanks for sharing. I am totally reposting! :)

Mrs. Moran

✿ So much fun! I wish they had more little graphics, I could get soo carried away! I too will repost this. ✿

Vintage Teacher

Thank you all for visiting and I am thrilled that you found this useful and are sharing it with your blogging friends.

Thank you all for sharing. I love comments!

Leslie @KindergartenWorks

Very cool - this will definitely save me time! I'm so joining you at the blog expo! See you there!
- Leslie


Thanks for the great tip! I was worrying where the cent sign was?

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