Monday, August 29, 2011

Order of Operations

I noticed that many people are looking for Order of Operations items.

For some reason this is a hard thing for some students to grasp.  I previously posted that Aunt Sally doesn't visit my room for order of operations, the elephants do.  Here is the link to Is This a Purple Elephant?

There was also a request for a fun way to practice so I made a new Tic-Tac-Learn game that has players solving order of operation problems or come up with the expression for the shape's perimeter.

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Just because I appreciate my blogging friends, the first two people to post a comment will get either the game or the story.  In your comment, you must leave your email address and tell me which one you would like to receive.  Only the first two!  (They are both read only files.  Sorry MAC users.  Have to do that to protect templates and clip art.)



What a great saying! I read your post on what the students said about the Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! I love "Is this a purple elephant". I would love the Order of Operation Story!! Thanks! :)

Ann Marie

Order of Operations is a new skill for our fifth graders this year. The game sounds intriguing, altho, I am a Mac user. Will it not work for me being read only?


❃ Ann Marie
ABCs and 123s 4 me

Vintage Teacher

Ann Marie the reason I put that in is most Mac users cannot open a read-only file. I am not a MAC user, but that is what I have been told numerous times. I have been told that is one of the difference between Microsoft Office for MACs and that made for PC's.

Vintage Teacher


Please check your emails as your choices are on the way! Hope your students enjoy them.

Thanks for visiting and hope you return soon.

MJ @ Teaching in Heels close! :( Thanks for sharing the "Is this a Purple Elephant"!!

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