Monday, August 1, 2011

What TBA Has Meant To ME

I was give the honor of becoming an author at Teaching Blog Addict (TBA) this summer. This was truly an honor for me as I only ventured into the world of blogging on March 29.

Being a member of TBA has not only given me an opportunity to share a few of the things I have learned, but has given me the opportunity to grow as a classroom teacher.  It is my belief that we can learn from other teachers no matter what grade level we teach and what grade level they teach.  As a teacher, I have learned more through experience and from other teachers than I ever learned from a text book or in a lecture hall.

Being a part of TBA has allowed me to experience once again the excitement of a "new" teacher setting up a classroom for the first time.  It has also allowed me to learn new ideas from teachers around the world.

The community of people at TBA is warm, sharing, and full of ideas.  It is an environment where everyone is welcome to participate.  Won't you consider joining me in this wonderful world called Teaching Blog Addict?  (TBA)  TBA can be found on the net, at facebook, and on twitter.

If you are already a member of TBA, why not post what belonging to TBA has meant to you?  Write your post and join the linky party to celebrate TBA.  Click on the image below to go to the linky party!

Let's show the world that teachers love TBA!


Ms. Morgart

Very well said :)
Curls and a Smile

Erin Klein

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this wonderful site!


Erin Klein


Love your post about what TBA means to you. I feel totally refreshed by the ideas and excitement of TBA.
Funky First Grade Fun

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